Dear Zeina and Members of the Board,

I was so touched and relieved that Music Fund issued me a grant to help alleviate my financial burdens. Many times, I feel life as a musician in the United States is too difficult. Having a frozen shoulder on my right arm threw me for a loop, along with the fact that doctors say it will take at least a year to recover.  I wonder how other violinists (or musicians) deal with this common problem. Your grant helped tremendously. Thank you for wishing me the best in my future endeavors! These words meant a lot to me at this trying time. Really.


Cara Chang

Cara Chang

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your financial help during a really difficult time. I had already exhausted all other financial resources and did not know what to do. Your financial help in covering my rent expenses gave me relief and helped me get back on my feet. I was very close to eviction, but in my time of greatest need you helped make all the difference. Also, I appreciated Zeina’s positive support during this tumultuous time. Thank you so much!


I can’t say enough about how quickly Zeina and the board at the Musicians Foundation came to my aid after an accident left me temporarily disabled, then homeless.

David Rona

I, George G. Llanes, life member of Local 47, would like to thank the Executive Director and Board of Directors of the Musicians Foundation for coming to my desperate aid. After enduring multiple heart bypasses and numerous life-threatening health issues, my world stopped, as I was required to rest with limited activity.

Work for me has sadly become a thing of the past, but my passion for music will continue until I die, and I am grateful for the years I was allowed to play my beloved guitar. In March of 2014, I received a sizable check from the Musicians Foundation to help salvage my mortgage. I am incredibly grateful for this generous grant, and would like to give special recognition to Zeina White, Executive Director, and the entire Board of Directors of the Musicians Foundation for their help.

Your open-door policy gives faith and hope; and I was made to feel welcome with a warmhearted smile.

George G. Llanes Jr.

Many thanks to Ms. White and the Musicians Foundation for all your help during my recent health crisis. After trying my best to overcome a devastating illness with surmounting health cost, I never will forget the assistance that the Musicians Foundation provided on my behalf!

Once again, I’m grateful to everyone for looking out for my well being in a very loving and caring manner with utmost discretion and confidentiality!


Thank you so much for the grant that was awarded to me to assist in paying my property tax. It greatly served in alleviating the financial crisis that I was experiencing.


I am welled up with gratitude for the Musicians Foundation and its director, Zeina White, for the extraordinarily kind and generous financial assistance they have given me, as I recover from my stroke. Their paying of a full month’s rent has enabled me to both care for my family and pay for the current part of my rehabilitation. The Foundation is a Godsend to me. I pray that it continues to receive the support it needs in order to carry on this great work on behalf of other artists in need.

Rob Meurer

I’m a professional, working musician. I’m not famous or rich, but I make my living completely from playing music and have done so for the last 25 years. I’ve also been quite healthy all my life, until recently, when a cyst had been found on one of my vocal cords. Since I’m also a singer, along with being a guitar player, the cyst had to be removed as it could have been a huge determent to my career, as the doctor said I could possibly never being able to sing again.

After the surgery, I couldn’t talk for one month or sing for 3 months, so I had been playing catch up on all my bills. Then came Local 47 and The Musicians Foundation. They truly came to my rescue…The medical bills were piling up. Even with insurance, co-pays and post surgery visits can be quite costly. After filing out all the appropriate paperwork to apply, I was happy to receive news that a check was cut to my doctor for the amount needed. A huge weight had been lifted. One never knows if these charities and foundations really work and/or who do they really help. Well, I can tell you from first hand experience the Musician Foundation really works for us musicians, they are there to help… and never have I been so proud to be a working musician, knowing that there is actually help out there in time of a medical crisis. Thank you Musicians Foundation for coming to the rescue!

Janet Robin

Dear Zeina and Musicians Foundation,

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you for your recent assistance. I was diagnosed with Parkinson`s disease a few years back, and it has progressed to where life is very difficult, and performing as a working musician is a tough task indeed. Your help in covering some past-due bills has helped my family to cope better . Hopefully things can improve through research.


I’d  like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the Foundation Board and Executive Director Zeina White of the Musicians Foundation of Los Angeles.  I am so incredibly grateful for the grant they awarded me to help with my rent.

Injuring my foot was tough, but when bills began to mount the Foundation came through for me big time.  1000 thanks again! Keep ROCKING!


Chill Factor